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Consult with an expert

Invite clarity and purpose into your life by working with a values consultant. Choose a module to start your journey to becoming your best self. 

Figure out what you need

Research tells us that people who live by their caring values make a difference in the world and create more meaningful lives for themselves.  Our experts can work with you to identify ways that you can increase the impact of your values in your life.


We know that you come with a unique set of reasons for wanting to work on your values.  Find a reason that sounds like you within the modules below. 

Natural Beauty

The Good Person Module

Why choose the Good Person Module?

"I want to connect to something deeper than my day-to-day tasks and activities."


"I think I am basically a good person, but I want to live up to that potential."

"I want this new part of my life (job, parenting, retirement) to express the best of me."

Image by Sigmund

The Becoming Better Blueprint

Why choose The Becoming Better Blueprint? 

"I am a really caring person but I feel like I could be doing more."

"I have good relationships with friends and family but I am not my best self at work."

"I am happy to help my friends but I just freeze when it comes to family." 


Climbing Up a Cliff

My Big Project

Why choose My Big Project?

"My big dreams of what I would do in the world are still just dreams. I want to make them real."

"I want to wake up each day excited that I am doing something that feels important to me."

"I see places where the world is a mess. I really want to do something to make it better." 

Ideas of how we can help

Meet the Consultants

These constultants have the expertise to guide your journey to becoming your best self


Image by Volodymyr Hryshchenko

How do I pick a module?

Choosing a module depends on how much you already know about and work with your values, and also how much time you want to invest.  


What are the requirements of each module?

The Good Person Module is for someone who has less familiarity with values and is not sure how much time they can invest.  The Becoming Better Blueprint is suitable for those who already have a degree of values clarity in some part of their lives but want to extend the impact of values into other areas.  My Big Project assumes that you have substantial clarity about values and want to invest substantial time.

Image by Nathan Dumlao

How long does it take to complete a module?

While each module has five consultant hours, your consultant will help design projects for you to complete between sessions.  You may take up to a year to complete your sessions or move very quickly with sessions every week or two.  The pace depends on how much time you want to invest in the process.

Piggy Bank

How much does it cost?

A consultation hour costs between $150 and $200 depending on the consultant. Each module has five hours of consultation. 

Image by Vanna Phon

Am I locked into a module?

You can meet with a consultant to do values work on an hourly basis, setting the goals that are just right for you and moving at your own pace.

Image by Alex Wigan

How do I get started?

Send us an email below. Let us know what you want and if you have a preference for a particular consultant.  If you have questions, put them in your email and we will get back to you.

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