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Do it yourself with these great tools

The process of becoming your best self sounds simple. Just clarify your core values and align your actions with those values. But that can sometimes be challenging. So, we have gathered a group of powerful, evidence-based tools to help. Pick an area where you need help and find a tool that worksAll tools are free!

CLARIFY the values that are most important to you.


ASSESS how how well yor actions line up with your values in key areas of life.


PLAN actions that align with your core values in any area of your life.


MOTIVATE yourself to keep going.


The first step is to clarify the values that are closest to your heart - your core values. Try one or more of the tools below. 


If you now know your core values, you can use one of the tools below to  assess how close you are to living according to them.  


When you have identified core values and targeted areas for change, these tools can help set goals and make plans to act like your best self. 


Clear values and plans are necessary.  But what if you get stuck? Here are some tools to keep you going toward becoming your best self.

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